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How to Remove Blood Stains With Lemon Juice

I’m sure at some time or another we all have come across a messy, unexplainable, extremely stubborn bloodstain in our clothing or on furniture. Typically people have one of two choices to make: 1) they can either stop whatever they are doing and treat the stain immediately or, 2) they can chalk it up to a bad experience and decide the effort of getting the stain out wouldn’t be worth the effort and decide to throw the article of clothing away. If you are the type that can not throw anything away, then you may need to have a plan for how you will treat blood stains in the future and have some things on hand for just that emergency.

How to Remove Blood Stains With Lemon Juice

Be sure you have these things in your cupboard: a clean cloth, baking soda, salt, meat tenderizer, hydrogen peroxide, mild soap/laundry detergent and water. Don’t forget to throw in a big handful of patience too!

Before trying to remove the bloodstain always remember never use hot water or put an blood stained item in the dryer because high temperatures will set the stain in and make it impossible to remove. It is also important to remember that blood is a protein and if the stain is on animal products such as silk or wool, you will have to be careful of the type of stain remover you use in order to avoid breaking down the fibers in the material. There are several different types of stain removers available on the market but any kind of mild soap, detergent and a little elbow grease will work. (

Three easy steps is all it takes.

1. Apply cold water to the area that is stained with blood

2. Rub the area using a combination of cleaning solutions suggested above

3. Continue scrubbing the area until bloodstain is gone

An old remedy for removing bloodstains from clothing consists of using a combination of lemon juice and water. After the stain has been removed hang it out on the clothesline to dry on a sunny day.

One very practical way to remove blood stains from clothing or fabric is to use good old everyday spit. Yes, I did say spit and I do mean the kind that you have in your mouth. When you notice the blood stain immediately get some spit or saliva from you moth and put it on the blood stained area. You can do this by using a clean rag and spitting in to it. When you have enough saliva to get the stain completely soaked, use your hands and rub the stain like crazy until it disappears. If it doesn’t go away the first time, spit, spit and spit again. (

Always dilute hydrogen peroxide with 50% water to avoid bleaching and ruining your cloth or fabric.

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